Three of Eight Corvettes Recovered from Sinkhole

As of March 4, three of the eight fallen Corvettes have been rescued from the sinkhole that devastated the National Corvette Museum. Thankfully, engineers are optimistic the three will be fully restored despite current damages.

After the incident, Chevrolet quickly stepped in to lend their support to the non-profit organization, which houses the legendary cars.

The 1962 Corvette was the first to be pulled from the wreckage with the 2009 ZR-1 “Blue Devil” and the 1993 40th anniversary model following close behind.

“The recovery of the first three cars went flawlessly, and the cars are in remarkably good shape,” said Corvette Manufacturing Integration Manager, John Spencer. “Unfortunately, the remaining five cars are either partially or totally covered in debris. We expect their recovery will be much more challenging, and the cars to be in much worse condition.”

With recovery efforts in full swing, we at Langs Chevrolet hope it won’t be too long before the National Corvette Museum gets its prized possessions back on display in perfect condition.

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