Share Chevrolet’s Holiday Message and Help the United Way

Chevrolet is working hard to produce the best vehicles in the United States, but the automaker also wants to spread some cheer this holiday season. Chevrolet’s holiday message was created for the season, and it’s intended to help raise money for the United Way.

For every share on Facebook or retweet on Twitter, Chevrolet will donate $1 to the United Way, up to $500,000.

“The holiday season is a time for thankfulness and a time to help those less fortunate,” said Paul Edwards, U.S. vice president, Chevrolet Marketing, in a statement. “We hope social media users will take a moment to share the spirit of giving with their friends and family while helping United Way.”

The United Way is focused on strengthening communities across the United States. The organization focuses on improving education, financial stability, and basic needs (such as food and shelter).

Here at Langs Chevrolet, we encourage everyone to head to their social networks and share Chevrolet’s holiday message. You’ll not only help make someone’s day brighter, but you’ll help those in need, too.

2015 Truck of the Year Award Goes to Chevy Colorado

Motor Trend has announced the official winner of their prestigious 2015 Truck of the Year Award, and no, it isn’t the Ford F-150, as many predicted it to be. The award was given to the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado, which won after an impressive unanimous vote.

2015 Truck of the Year Award

2015 Chevrolet Colorado

According to Motor Trend boss Edward Loh, the editors chose the 2015 Colorado after many days of testing and spending hundreds of hours on the road. The Colorado was chosen from a list of solid competitors: the Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD, the Ford F­150, the Ford F­450, the Ford Transit 350 HR and 150 MR, the GMC Canyon SLT and GMC Sierra Denali 2500 HD.

“Colorado is a smart, capable, and refreshingly honest truck that makes a strong value and efficiency statement. It’s perfectly sized and suited for the needs of many of today’s truck users,” Loh said.

Other Motor Trend award winners this year include the 2015 Volkswagen Golf and the 2015 Honda CR-V.

Here at Langs, we are proud to hear of Chevrolet’s continued record of excellence, and we encourage you to come over to Langs Chevrolet to find your perfect model.

New Chevrolet Volt Makes Charging Even Easier

The green car is definitely already an established product on the automotive market, but some people are still unconvinced that the technology is practical enough. However, the new Chevrolet Volt is out to change even the most stubborn minds, especially thanks to an easier, faster charging system. The new Volt’s charging system is easier to use and easier to access, and it will be first seen in January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

New Chevrolet Volt

Current Chevy Volt Available at Langs!

“Chevrolet used the real-world experiences of today’s Volt owners to make the charging process simpler and more convenient in the next-generation Volt,” said Andrew Farah, chief engineer for the Volt. “The new Volt will give owners greater flexibility for charging it on their terms.”

The new Volt includes a 120V portable cord, a new GPS location-based charging feature, and more. That GPS location feature allows you to set a “home” setting and have the Volt automatically use that setting when it recognizes the GPS location. To learn more about the next-generation Volt, come see us at Langs Chevrolet.

Dress Your Stingray With Corvette Z06 Parts

Corvette Z06 Parts

2015 Chevy Corvette Z06

As Car and Driver puts it, the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is a “bargain against the cars with which it competes on performance.” In other words, it can easily hang with all of those fancy European six-figure sports cars.

It’s been revealed that those Corvette Stingray owners who did not opt for the Z06 package will still be able to put those European cars to shame. This is because Chevrolet plans to make a plethora of Corvette Z06 parts available in its accessories catalog.

As Car and Driver so elegantly puts it, these components should take a Stingray “from impressive to bloodthirsty.”  Some of these components are:

  • High-flow radiator fan and grille
  • Bilstein shocks
  • Carbon-fiber torque tube
  • Front and rear steel brake rotors

And that’s just a few from the list!  To show that the Stingray could be accessorized with these Corvette Z06 parts, Chevy outfitted one with a whole bunch of them and rolled it out at the SEMA show in early November. Turns out, they work perfectly (as if there was any doubt)!

Stop in at Langs Chevrolet to get inside any of the awesome Chevy models in stock!

Mid-Size Chevy Colorado Shines amongst the Competition

The mid-size Chevy Colorado is a welcome addition to the American automaker’s lineup for many drivers. Whereas before, truck fans were limited to the larger Silverado, now drivers who don’t need a vehicle that’s quite the size of the Silverado can opt for a more compact truck that still boasts plenty of hauling power. When the editors from AutoWeek tested out the 2015 Colorado, they were suitably impressed with its utility and drivability.

mid-size Chevy Colorado

2015 Chevy Colorado

The exact truck test-driven by the editors was a Colorado LT with Crew Cab. This truck offers four doors and a large bed, which means the Colorado is plenty roomy for families as well as workmen. Options added to this particular truck included leather seats, remote start, polished exhaust tips, CGN spray-in bed liner, and a safety package—all of which bumped the price up to $35,000. Despite its hefty price tag, AutoWeek editors were impressed by all the Colorado had to offer, and mentioned that customers could easily get a comfortable Colorado for a more reasonable price tag.

Some of the main pluses of the Colorado as mentioned by AutoWeek include improved fuel economy, a functional interior, and a manageable size when compared to its larger cousin. Here at Langs Chevrolet, we recommend you come out and test-drive one to see for yourself just how capable the mid-size Chevy Colorado can be.

Chevy’s Mo’ne Davis Commercial Shines Spotlight on Up and Coming Athletes

Chevy's Mo'ne Davis CommercialWho said throwing like a girl is such a bad thing? While the rest of the world turned their attention to the 2014 World Series, Chevrolet took a moment to highlight Little League player Mo’ne Davis. Sure, she throws like a girl; but for Davis, that means a 70-mile-an-hour fastball.

In Chevy’s Mo’ne Davis commercial, the Little League superstar is featured in a 60-second spot, which briefly covers her passion and clear talent for sports.

A longer documentary created by Chevy’s agency of record, Spike DDB, and directed by Spike Lee features Mo’ne Davis on and off the field, including interviews with her family, coaches, and teammates.

“Mo’ne truly embodies the spirit at the heart of baseball, and she has been a powerful inspiration to boys and girls everywhere,” said Chevrolet’s U.S. vice president of marketing, Paul Edwards. “She has proven that anything is possible if you dedicate yourself, and are guided by the right values in life.”

We at Langs Chevy love that Chevrolet, Official Vehicle of Major League Baseball®, finds innovative ways to support today’s young athletes as they train to become tomorrow’s major league players.

The 2015 Bi-Fuel Chevy Impala Replaces Gas with Methane

bi-fuel Chevy Impala

2015 Chevy Impala Available at Langs

What do beer, food scraps, sewage have in common? According to Chevy, they can all be used to power your car! The 2015 Bi-fuel Chevy Impala is an innovative new car which runs on methane made from…well, garbage. Here at Langs Chevrolet, we’re constantly surprised by what Chevy engineers are unveiling.

Chevy has assured us this is nothing like the DeLorean from the Back to the Future trilogy, which at one point runs on garbage. However, the idea is the same. quasar energy group (purosefully claiming no capital letters) has fitted their compressed natural gas (CNG) technology into the 2015 Impala, which allows biogas to replace gasoline.

“If you can buy renewable fuel at $1.95 per gallon while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, everybody wins,” said Mel Kurtz, president of quasar energy group. “quasar’s Columbus facility can produce 1.3 million gasoline gallon equivalents of CNG each year.”

Using just Biogas the Bi-Fuel Chevy Impala has a range of about 150 miles. Combine that with a gas engine, and it’ll do approximately 500 miles.

Although California and Oklahoma are the only states with the infrastructure for alternative fuels like methane, we may see the Bi-fuel car on highways in Ohio before too long!

Chevrolet’s SEMA Concepts Are Real Scene-Stealers

Chevrolet’s SEMA Concepts Are Real Scene-Stealers

Besides the Camaro SS Special Edition, Silverado Toughnology, and Colorado Sport, Chevrolet is prepared to introduce five new concept vehicles at the upcoming SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Autoblog reports that the Chevrolet’s SEMA concepts will feature accessories developed by GM, of which, some will be available in Chevrolet dealerships, and some will be tested for further development.

SS Sport Concept

Chevrolet's SEMA Concepts

Current Chevy SS Available at Langs!

The flagship vehicle will be the SS Sport concept, inspired by GM’s Australian arm, Holden. Holden has a long-time tradition of motorsport, and the SS will pay tribute with the Holden logo on its wheel caps, floor mats, and cargo tray. Chevrolet accessories include the grille, fog lamps, aerodynamics, wheels, pedals, and more.

Sonic Accessories Concept

This Sonic is designed to show consumers just how far they can go with customization and accessories on a Sonic. The concept will feature white surrounds on its headlights and taillights, black highlights on the grille, mirror covers and rear spoiler, and an upgraded sound system including a Kicker brand subwoofer and amplifier. In addition, a lowered ride height and 17-inch wheels adds to performance and offer enhanced visual appeal.

Sonic Performance Concept

The Sonic Performance features a 1.4-liter turbo engine, Chevrolet’s Performance Stage Kit and a cold-air induction and a high-flow exhaust system. In addition, the concept car will be track-tuned and feature lowered suspension, a rear spoiler, 17-inch wheels, and white accents on the headlights, taillights, grille, and mirror covers.

Impala Blackout Concept

Chevy takes things to the dark side with this concept, which features a blacked-out grille surround, rear spoiler, painted mirror caps, and 19-inch wheels. The interior features black leather with custom trim plates and a wire mesh pattern along with stainless steel sills that are stamped with the Impala logo.

Cruze RS Plus Concept

Finally, the Cruze RS Plus Concept is based on the best-selling Cruze, and adds a custom Wildfire Metallic exterior, lower body moldings, and rear spoiler to the exterior. Inside, Chevy sets the mood with an ambient lighting kit, illuminated door sills, and a Kicker subwoofer and amplifier kit.

Check back in with Langs Chevrolet often for updates on Chevrolet’s SEMA concepts!

Chevrolet Vehicles Are Perfect for Road Trips with Pets

Halloween is getting closer and closer in our rearview mirrors, chasing us down like a monster movie villain, and that means the long, fun—but often stressful—holiday season will be upon us sooner rather than later. Chances are you’ll be traveling somewhere to visit friends, family, and loved ones at some point during the holidays. If you’re one of the 62% of Americans who own at least one pet, you’ll probably want to bring your furry friends along for the ride.

Road Trips with Pets

The 2015 Chevrolet Equinox is the perfect pet-friendly vehicle!

If so, you should consider doing your traveling in a Chevrolet, the brand that makes vehicles that are perfect for road trips with pets. A recent Chevrolet press release touted the Equinox, a versatile SUV, as the best equipped car for a road trip with your dog, cat, or other pet. “The Chevrolet Equinox’s spacious cargo area can accommodate a good-size pet carrier and consumers can find specialized pet restraints for use in rear seats,” the release says. It also recommends you, “Find and program the number of a 24-hour emergency vet. That way, he or she is no more than a voice command away, thanks to the Equinox’s available MyLink infotainment system when paired with a compatible mobile device.”

For more tips and best practices for traveling with pets, read the rest of the press release on Chevy’s website. And, to see the Equinox and the rest of our pet-friendly lineup for yourself, simply come down to Langs Chevrolet today—we guarantee you’ll leave wishing you had a tail, so you could wag it with satisfied happiness.

TEDx Returns to Dayton for a New Event

TEDx events are likely some of the most mentally and emotionally constructive events that take place country-wide. These meetings of the minds promote progressive thinking, innovation, serious discussion, and healthy questioning on topics most of us don’t take the time to consider in our daily lives. People from all around the world come together to share, collaborate, entertain and inform attendees about their industries and their thoughts about the world.

And we’re having another one, right here in Dayton.

TEDx Dayton Event

TEDx is about change and not just worldwide change, either. TEDx promotes community. It is the community who arranges TEDx events and brings in speakers. These are your issues and your concerns being discussed in an informative, nurturing setting, and that’s just grand.

There’s a lot to learn by attending a TEDx event and registration is easy! Simply visit the TEDxDayton website and go through a short process to save your seat. It’s not too late. This time, the TEDxDayton event is being held on October 17th.

Langs Chevrolet can’t help but support these innovative events that bring everyone together to think about the things that really matter in this crazy world. We hope to see a big turnout for this TEDx event and can’t wait for what this round’s TEDx event brings!